IMO ePublications Premium Annual Subscription

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The new IMO ePublications platform offers an annual subscription option, providing access to a comprehensive list of IMO publications to ensure maritime professionals and organizations stay informed and updated with international maritime regulations.

Key benefits of the premium annual subscription to all IMO content

  • Official source for all IMO Publishing titles - Rest assured you are reading genuine content as published by the International Maritime Organization.
  • Unlimited access - Browse all IMO publications in all the languages (as published) during twelve consecutive months.
  • Continuous updates - Enjoy seamless access to crucial maritime information, including instant availability of new editions and supplements, at no additional cost.
  • Cost-effective - One-time annual payment will save time and administrative costs and provide access to 600+ titles.
  • Global access - Read content anywhere on a computer or via mobile device using the e-reader tool.
  • Offline capability - Access information offline in areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • Facilitation of inspections for shipboard use - Peace of mind through the certificate including the IMO number of the vessel and displaying all the publications as purchased.

* The price is per year, for a yearly subscription service and will be valid from the date you activate your online account.