IATA Cargo Handling Manual 8th Edition 2024

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IATA Cargo Handling Manual 8th Edition 2024.

The IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM) is a complete set of standards for everyone involved in cargo operations. The ICHM helps airlines and cargo handlers to operate more effectively together, to improve efficiency and safety in air cargo operations. It follows the process as described in the industry Master Operating Plan (MOP) a new IATA CSC Recommended Practice (RP 1683). The ICHM allows for cargo handling agents to follow clear standards, airlines wishing to adopt industry standards and freight forwarders to understand their responsibilities in ensuring cargo operations are carried out seamlessly. The aim of this publication is to: (1) To align and collect all cargo handling procedures with current best practices, and (2) Use the Cargo Service Conference (CSC) governance structure for efficiency publishing (from time of agreement) and therefore adoption of new standards.